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QAnon Internet Conspiracy Group Surfaces at Trump Rally in Florida | NowThis Ausgewählte

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Here's what you need to know about QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy group that's gone from 4chan to making real-life appearances at Trump rallies.
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What is QAnon? Why is QAnon popping up at Trump rallies such as the Trump Rally in Florida recently. QAnon is a wild right-wing conspiracy theory that started on 4chan and 8chan, two anonymous online message boards.

In October 2017, a user named Q, who claimed to be a high-level government official, began posting cryptic 'clues' and other posts about the 'deep state' and people like: Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Tom Hanks, and The Illuminati.

Q Anon also purports thats Robert Mueller isn't actually investigating Trump but that instead, Mueller is trying to bring down the deep state.

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