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The Secret Parties Billionaires Don't Want You To Know About Ausgewählte

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Billionaires: they're not just like us. Something happens when you reach a certain level of wealth. The jets become private. The apartments become penthouses. And the parties get real epic real fast. Here are the secret parties billionaires don't want you to know about.

In the hanky-panky filled parties of Silicon Valley, dinner comes first, usually prepared by the host to avoid the prying eyes of cooks and cleaners. Social media is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons. Then the drugs come out. MDMA seems to be the top choice, although it's far from the only offering. The guests break off into groups of two, three, or more, usually for 'cuddle puddles,' a cute way to describe a gang of groping millionaires and billionaires. From there things get really freaky.

The mostly-male bigwigs of Silicon Valley have these drug-fueled love parties on the regular, bringing in a bevy of young women from anywhere they can get their hands on them. And get their hands on them they do, often with their wives and girlfriends right beside them. These men tend to be the wealthy tycoons behind some of the biggest brands in the world. As Emily Chang, author of the book Brotopia, describes it, they like to treat these parties as extensions of their world-changing professional philosophies by overturning traditions in their private lives. In the end, that means a boatload of hookups in private mansions, estates, and yachts the world over.

Watch to learn more about the secret parties billionaires don't want you to know about!

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