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Heldom & Eolya - Veturinn

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Heldom & Eolya - Veturinn

It was a great honor to me to work with Heldom on this track, we wanted something pretty atmospheric, cinematic, with the Old vibe and feeling that we both Love. This one is about Winter.

Embark on a journey through the tough wilderness with Heldom & Eolya's latest collaboration, inspired by Viking Nordic folk music with a cinematic twist.
'Veturinn' meaning winter captures the relentless grip of winter, weaving haunting melodies and powerful rhythms to evoke the resilience required to endure its cold embrace.

Let the music carry you through a tale of survival, as you navigate the chilling beauty of the Northern landscapes.


Running through the plains, cold in my veins
Winter is here with all its dangers

Hlaupandi um slétturnar, kalt í æðum
Veturinn er kominn með öllum sínum hættum


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