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THE GREATEST INVENTION: WATER AS FUEL! The secret of the HH+ compound to boost hydrolysis

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In this video of 'Hidden Technology' we have made a prototype of an engine that works only with water. We have modified this electric generator to be able to produce electrical energy using only water as fuel. Thanks to this highly efficient Hydrolysis equipment and the secret additive for the HH+ electrolyte, we can break down the water molecules and obtain large amounts of Hydrogen, with which we make this electric generator work. 

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Preparing the pieces to cut them
01:24 Cutting the 304L stainless steel parts
02:30 Drilling the pieces (One 6mm and one 11mm hole in each piece)
08:18 Polishing the pieces
03:58 Preparation of the Hydrolysis tank
04:56 Cutting the M6 threaded rods
05:18 Assembly of the Hydrolysis reactor
09:20 Preparation of the Hydrogen security container
11:46 Manufacture of the support for the Hydrolysis equipment
13:12 Electrical connections
14:30 We remove the fuel tank and set up our Hydrolysis equipment
16:14 Preparation of the air filter
16:34 Filling the water and secret electrolyte tanks HH+
17:35 First test inside the workshop
18:05 Carburetor adjustment
20:30 Outdoor water motor test  

 Yes, you're right. We unveil the solution for water-fuelled engines. The HH+ compound is a mixture of several chimical elements that can turn any engine in a water-based engine with no effort.

Join us to watch the most revolutionary engine ever, capable of powering cars, boats or trains with just a bit of water.

#water as fuel
#water driven engine

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