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Sleepaway Camp - Going through the Motions

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When David Adams met Ben King at an open mic night in Boston, neither one of them knew what would come next. Soon after this first encounter, David and Ben began to collaborate, realizing quickly their musical influences, which include a mutual love of Bon Iver and early Coldplay, complemented each other.

Together, David and Ben form Sleepaway Camp, a band that works to distill a singular blend of folk, pop, and indie rock. David serves as primary songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist, and Ben serves as the instrumental Swiss army knife and producer. They draw inspiration from the complexities and struggles of interpersonal relationships to create richly textured and atmospheric production. Recording everything out of a small bedroom, Sleepaway Camp delivers a feeling of raw intimacy in every song they produce as they take listeners on a journey of nostalgic self-reflection.

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