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People Take Notice When this Mystery Man Starts to Sing

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After having to move our operation to the outskirts of this year's NAMM convention, I was found by none other than MAURI! He originally sang with me at last year's NAMM and had only seen the video I posted a MONTH before finding me again! I was so glad to get to catch up with Mauri and have him sing another song, as his voice and personality are unique! Hopefully this becomes a recurring event for Mauri and I, getting to do this again at next year's NAMM!

My first time with Mauri:
Being asked to leave NAMM:

Lyrics and chords to the song:

As a musician, I'm all about creating musical experiences that have people feeling happy and free, and that's why the 'Sing With Me for Free' series exists. Since 2018, I have asked thousands of random people to sing with me on camera. A lot of people have said no, some have said no initially but changed their minds to yes, and some have said yes right away. I ask these people to sing with one purpose: to create a way for them to experience a sense of happiness and freedom they did not feel before. And much of the time, this actually works (and that makes ME happy).

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