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(EN) Child Predation Services of Arizona Ausgewählte

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Picking up a thread from my last video, I examine Arizona in more detail. The shooting deaths of 3 former Senators who were investigating child trafficking tied to their states' Child Protection Services, the mob/mafia ties of some politicians, Merv Griffin, Donald Trump's work with the FBI in 1981 and other things. more... To all who have contributed to my work, I say a thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you'd like to donate, here are two ways to do it! Paypal: or my PO Box address is at the bottom of the page here: I'm locked out of my Twitter for the next 11 hours, but here is where you'll find me: @99freemind and video back ups on Bitchute (which is a GREAT platform) are here: References: Trump FBI memo: Collins-Smith Jonathan Nichols: . Ducey from Crime Family: McKay CPS report 2015: McKay leaving Child Welfare Arizona: AZ Mirror Senator convinced Child Protective Services facilitating sex trafficking: Secure Arkansas: 3 killings re CPS investigations: Nancy Scheaffer Report: Michael Caine’s Party: Trump Merv Land Deal: Merv ties to the mob: Orlando Sentinel Merv Resort Bankrupt 1990: Buffett McCain human slavery:

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